Alexa Toolbar Detection and actions CAV takes

I know most AV products classify Alexa’s Toolbar as adware mostly due to privacy concerns. I find OnAccess correctly identifies the Alexa DLL as “not a virus:adware” but there appears to be no way to elminate this file from scanning and allow this tool to continue functioning (yes it is useful to me, beyond the semi-anonymous browsing data issue)

The issue is this: FSAV (and others) may warn about Alexa Toolbar, but CAV has no way that I can readily see to exclude this dll from scanning or decide any action other than quarantine. FSAV allows it to run. I rather like using Alexa toolbar. Google toolbar seems to have the same concerns as Alexa, yet no problems with Google.

Bottom Line: Alexa is purpose installed and I, and many others, wish to use it and do not mind the data leak of browsing habits- that is the very reason we have it to begin with.

Is there any way to exclude the alexa DLL onacess?

Here is the sollution

Open Comodo Antivirus
Go to settings
Click on On access Scan
Click on Advanced
Click on select and then new and then search for the files you need to add to exclude it from scanning

I hope this is the option