Alex Jones needs to lay off the coffee

I personally agree with the second amendment but this guy is outrageous.

:-\ Alex J. is right .
The criminals will always organise a gun if the wont,. We have the right to protect our self at home .

Take the guns away, control and limit acces to the internet like they now are trying.
Wash the brains with the TV .

God bless us all that we will always have the ethic and the respect for life.

He is outrageous. As a European I don’t see a need for civilians to carry guns other than taking a gun to a shooting club. Other than that I see no need have one.

I will say that I agree with someone’s opinion in this post, but I won’t say whose. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, as this is a political issue which I’m sure will draw arguments from multiple sides I’m going to lock this thread.