In general, Comodo seems to pop up way too many alerts. This can easily lead to automatic clicking of OK, which of course defeats the purpose of the program.

For example, I just started a new app, got a Comodo alert, clicked Trusted App. Then I got another alert telling me the program was trying to execute Notepad, and another one that it’s trying to connect to the internet. Once it’s a trusted app, why the additional alerts?

Try putting both the firewall and D+ in training mode to start. They will learn the behavior of installed programs, then you can switch to other modes at your leisure. For new programs, D+ trust and Firewall trust are separate. Executing another program is a special case.

Thanks. Is there a recommended “final” mode? The firewall is now in “train with safe” mode, and D+ is in “clean PC” mode.

Thats the deafult mode what you have and thats what I have.