Alerts not disappearing [Resolved]

I am new to firewalls but am learning in a hurry!

I am currently running a laptop off-line, while I work on cleaning up an infestation of mal/adware.

My installation of CPF pops up two alerts, both warning me of

Generic Host Process for Win 32 services is trying to act as a server.
Application: svchost.exe
Parent: services.exe
IP Listen Port: [in one case] ms-rpc(135) - TCP
[in the other] listen(1025) - TCP

Although my configuration settings are defaulted to alerts disappearing after 120 sec, these two alerts just stay on the screen.

At the moment I do not want to make any decisions about allow/block, because I am still trying to identify and clean up other processes that are trying to access the internet.

Can anyone advise me:

  1. whether I should allow/block these? and/or
  2. whether they should/will disappear if I do?

Thanks in advance.


It is fine to allow them, they are parts of Windows, and the parent seems fine. If you are not completely sure you can click allow or deny without selecting the Remember option this way you can choose another option later when the component needs access again.

Thanks, Justin, especially for the very quick response!

Not a problem, I am always happy to help :D.


I will go ahead and mark this issue as [Resolved] and go ahead and lock it for future reference to others who have this same question.