Alerts for ProxyOverride, ProxyEnable, ProxyServer

I just installed Comodo 5.0 (have been using since version 3) and noticed something I had never seen before.

Several programs have requested to modify the following registry entries under Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Internet Settings/

proxy enable ?
proxy server ?
proxy override ?

It first triggered the alert(s) when installing Winrar x64. Then with Firefox and several other applications. I don’t think it’s a hijack because I just reformatted my drive recently and have only installed a handful of applications that were all digitally signed with the exception of Winrar. Any and all feed back would be welcome.

have you changed any of the setting?

Hey what’s up languy99 ? Thanks for weighing in on my post. I’ve seen most of your videos on Utube. I must say I was rather impressed with Sophos 9.5 Endpoint Security. Well at least with the web filter. it would have been nice if they gave an option to continue to the website to see what there virus engine could have done against the malware.

Anyway I’m set in proactive configuration - with the firewall on custom - and the D+ on paranoid mode. I also have the sandbox disabled because I feel it gives better control of my applications.

I just can’t understand why these alerts for for ProxyOverride, ProxyEnable, ProxyServer. I have been with Comodo almost since they released there first firewall. Went from Sygate to Comodo and never looked back. I have a firm grasp of almost every alert the firewall triggers except these. I mean i understand what the alerts are asking for but not why. The main reason being that I have had apps that don’t even attempt to access the web try to modify these keys. Anyway thanks for your time and weigh in if you have any ideas.

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I have the same problem …
Firewall → Policy
D+ → Safe
Sandbox → On

It would be nice to see an answer to this question???

I’m experiencing the same behavior and need to know whether it’s safe to allow, or an attempt to initiate proxy settings in firefox. Moderator? Expert? Someone?

I posted about this immediately after the new release of Comodo. I can’t figure out why any time a program attempts to connect to the internet, it tries to modify these three registry keys.

I can’t find any info through Google whether it’s safe or not. Currently, I just blanket deny any modifications to those keys. However, if someone has any insight, that would be helpful.

Go through your registry and search for proxyenable and make sure it’s set to 0, if you don’t want any proxies active. Just deny any attempts to modify this key. Still, no idea why programs are attempting to modify this.