Alerts for ProxyOverride, ProxyEnable, ProxyServer. Hijack?

Just installed Comodo 5.0. Long time user.
Several programs (Utorrent, Avast, FLV) have requested to modify the following registry entries under Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Internet Settings/


I’ve never seen these alerts before. I don’t use a proxy, and I’m concerned that perhaps I’ve gotten some sort of hijack or malware infection. Is this just something with the new Comodo? When I open regedit, the only see the value for proxyenable, dword value 0.

Any insight would be appreciated!

I’m also a longtime user. I also just installed Comodo 5.0. and noticed the same thing. It first triggered that alert(s) when installing Winrar x64. Then with Firefox when I went to the Eicar virus test file site. paulroy I don’t think it’s a hijack because I just reformatted my drive today and have only installed a handful of applications that were all digitally signed with the exception of Winrar, but you never know. Any feed back would be welcome.

proxy enable ?
proxy server ?
proxy override ?

Also on a different note. I have noticed that the safe mode (at least for me) on 5.0 has stopped working properly. I had to switch to paranoid mode. Unknown and unsigned applications that were not under the trusted vendors list were just added as safe applications. Had it happen uninstalled and reinstalled and same thing. Just wondering if anyone else had experienced that ?