Alerts delay for minutes before popping up, then sometimes close instntly [M960]

I think Chiron is right. When an app tries to connect to the internet and this bug causes the alert to be delayed, the app is unable to connect while we’re waiting. Sometimes the app will continue to wait long enough for the alert to appear so I can grant access, and other times the app’s attempt will time out and show an error message about failing to connect. I haven’t noticed any app connecting to the internet when it shouldn’t. It’s a different bug.

I couldn’t find a way to quickly start a new thread on this forum, but I can confirm Comodo IS NOT BLOCKING connections even when told not to authorize a program to connect to the internet, and it is related to the other bug reported on this thread. I think this warrants very urgent attention.

The first image shows Utorrent BEFORE the alert requiring authorization appears, the second one, several minutes AFTER DENYING access to Utorrent to the internet. This defeats all purpose of having a firewall.

You’re assuming the program is not able to connect while waiting for the alert while in fact, at least Utorrent, CAN and DOES access the internet, even if after waiting for the alert and then denying access!! And both bugs appeared concurrently, so they are related somehow.

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I installed today’s update and it looks like the problem is resolved. Alerts now pop up instantly as expected. 7.0.317799.4142

Thank you for checking this. I have now closed this entry in the tracker and will move this report to Resolved.

If the issue returns be sure to let me know.

Thank you.