Alerts: "1 of n"

I’m a brand new user of CPF. I notice that when I get alerts for new applications I frequently get multiple alerts for an application in the form of eg: 1 of 6. I don’t understand how to handle these numerous sub-alerts and the help system gives no explanation. Do I have to go through each and every one of these 6 sub-alerts and press Allow individually? If so, is there some way of “allowing” all of them with a single keystroke, rather than having to laboriously go through each one?

When I first installed CPF I didn’t notice the subtlety of the “1 of n” type of alert and I just allowed the first one only because I didn’t notice the numerous sub-alerts. Is this going to cause me problems and, if so, what can I do subsequently to tidy up this situation?

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1 of 6 means that is the same popup 6 times. This means that the program that wanted internet access try 6 times and comodo asked you 6 times

Have you installed comodo with the default settings?

Yes, as far as I am aware I installed with defaults.

Having used other firewalls, I am not used to having a series of identical alerts. From what you say I take it I only have to click “Allow” or “Deny” once without having to handle each one individually when I tick “Remember by answer …”?

The first time it happens, you have to click all popups, and remember, but when the rule is set, you wont have it popup any more if the parent is the same.