alerte of javaw.exe want to creat...

I actually received an alert from my firewall (defense + of COMODO) as what “javaw.exe” file to create a dan "documents and settings / administrator / application data/sun/java/deployment/cache/6.0/33/258cea61 -385c0583-n/jmc.dll "
and as a beginner, I have no idea what it is.
is what you can tell me what it could be please?
I thank you in advance

You can click on javaw.exe in the alert box and it will open the properties screen for the file. You can take a look whether it is a signed executable or check the maker

It sounds like it is part of Java. Check the path and open the folder until you are convinced it is a Java related file. When it is a Java file you can set the file as Trusted in D+.

Java Media Components (JMC)
The File JMC.DLL Is A Native Code That Supports JMC’s DirectShow And FlashPlayer Plugins For Playing Windows Media (Such As WMV Files) And ShockWave Flash/FLV Videos. Hence You Can Safely Allow It.