Alert window freezes

I have Comodo Firewall Pro ( on Windows XP Home. The alerts don’t leave the screen. If one does come up, I click on the button I wan’t, but the button just depresses and the window does not go away. It sits there and if I put an application over it, occasionally it will freeze and show whatever portion of the app that was covering it. Otherwise it won’t go away. Is it a problem with the applicaton or is it a graphics setting?


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This has been a topic that has been discussed few times! And different users seem to have slight variations! For me it freezes for a while but then disappears. I did not see the problem with 3.0. So hopefully it has been fixed (for me).

Search the forum a bit for this problem and see if someone’s got a answer for this!

And do submit a support ticket for this!


Thanks for the help. I was wondering if someone could post some links to other threads that have answers for this problem. thanks

Despite being called Search Maestro III or whatever, I had trouble finding key words to search for this issue. I remember that it was more common in old beta versions, not the latest 2.4 stable. Here’s one, but this is with 2.3.x if I’m not mistaken:

So Dam’s recommendation is right.

He He! I thought I din’t search at the right place or sumthing! If “Soya” cldnt find it! Either “Search” doesn’t work! or it’s not there anymore (:TNG)


Actually, search does work now. It’s almost back to its glorious days (the Advanced Search is still “broken”). I just don’t know or remember any key words to narrow it down.