ALERT: Wikipedia's Comodo Internet Security Article is Up for Deletion!

Wikipedia’s Comodo Internet Security article is up for deletion! See the deletion discussion here: Articles for deletion/Comodo Internet Security

You can help by improving CIS’s article there, especially citing reliable reviews to show it is a fairly popular app.


What an immense disappointment! Comodo users need to do their best at preventing this! So many people past, present and future have and will rely on this article!

I would like to hear Melih’s opinion on this. ???

The wave of criticism isn’t entirely correct. I’d suggest not posting any article unless the product is still in Beta stage. And I’d suggest Melih to revise his strategy and not releasing products not properly tested else he creates himself and his company a bad name for releasing partially functioning products.

??? We aren’t talking about buggy products, etc., but the CIS wikipedia article. And the article already is posted. It would be much harder to remake it than to improve it…

Maybe search google for reviews that link back to the website review