Alert when switching monitor with nView

Hello, I first posted this in the “help” forum, but it seems to be a bug (or a compatibility problem)

  • Comodo (x64) - no other security tool or antivirus (in Comodo I trust ;D )

  • XP x64 sp2 with all security updates installed

  • driver NVIDIA forceware 169.21 (x64) - NVIEW version included :

  • Monitor 19" (viewsonic VX924) and 30" (HP LP3065)

  • Firewall Security Level : Custom Policy Mode

  • Defense + Security Level : Clean PC Mode (at the suggestion of someone in the help forum, I tried to switch to training mode and repeat the monitor switching a couple of times in the hope Defense + would learn the behavior but without success, so I went back to Clean PC Mode)

So, here is a description of the problem :
I often only use one monitor at a time (19" alone to browse the net, read forums, write and so on and the 30" alone when working on graphic stuff). To switch from one monitor to the other, I use nView desktop manager (either with profiles or with nView Display Settings - both solution results in the same problem). Every time I switch monitor, I get two consecutive alerts, one orange and one red. Both have no readable text (see attached image) and despite the fact I answered many times “yes” to both alert with the “remember my answer” checkbox checked, they keep coming back.
I’m not really worried about these alerts meaning there is a malware on my computer but they’re a bit annoying after a while so I would be happy to see them disapear :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for any help you could provide,


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