Alert Reduction

Ive heard Comodo 5.8 has a Alert Reduction , i ticked OFF that option in the installation of Comodo.

But what else do i need to change ?

This ? ,

It says allow all outgoing requests.

If you like you can follow my guide on How to Install CIS.

thanks , i followed all the steps in your guide.

and i have a router , and my brother and my dad have laptops connected to the router and i have a desktop connected to the router , so should i enable protocol analysis , and ARP Cache and Block Gratuitous ARP Frames ?

And , if i go to the firewall tab , and then network security rules , i see Comodo Internet Security , and under that a green checkmark that says , allow all outgoing requests and block and log all other requests.

Should i let it that way or change that too ?

I mean if it has only incoming firewall , it’s the same as Windows firewall then right ?

Hello Mixxor;

Simply, What do you want from CIS? Are you wanting a quiet CIS? Are you wanting to be alerted for Every little thing done?

The picture you showed is A-OK as it’s needed if you wish to have Cloud Based Features and Updating Features.

The ARP Frames and Cache Feature is OK To enable IF you don’t use file/printer sharing as you may encounter on some problems. Protocol analysis is Ok to enable but may slow down Browsing/Gaming Speed if you are on a High Bandwidth connection.

I would keep it that way; It’s not just a incoming firewal, It’s a outgoing/incoming firewall, D+(HIPS), Antivirus etc etc :slight_smile: