alert if firewall is disabled?

I use a very restrict custom policy and sometimes I think it’s easier to disable the firewall for a few minutes when I want to some quick stuff with a program I may trust (instead of creating many new rules)
but that’s the second time I forgot to turn the firewall on back again and noticed that just 3 or 4 days later

isn’t there an option to disable the firewall for a short period of time, or to alert if it’s disabled?

You could try using my approach, but please be aware, this is my way of doing things and is not supported.

In Application rules ensure the last rule for any application is either Ask or Block. Generally, if I’m happy with a rule I’ll use block and log, if I’m still testing a rule I’ll use ask and log.

I also have as the last rule overall (the rule right at the bottom of all other rules) a block or Ask and log. This way, I capture new events for existing applications with ask rules and for new applications via the final Block/Ask rule

Windows Security Center will alert if Antivirus of Firewall are disabled.
(If it not you should check it’s settings.)

I have the same problem and I wish, CIS would display deactivated moduls like the firewall in the tray!

@Quill: how shall your approach help? When the firewall is turned off, all the application rules are also off. Or have I missunderstood something?

@Petit: Many people have deaktivated the Security Center and when the Windows Firewall iss on, the Security Center don’t displays a deactivated CIS firewall.
And I have the problem, that my Security Center don’t displays the warnings in the tray for any reasons (yes, i have set the warning options in the Security Center Setup and the Security Center Service is running - the warning, that the firewall is not running is displayed in the Security Center itself)

So, it would be really nice to display something like that in the tray, also a deaktivates Defence+. Or make an option to time limit a Deactivation.

But please: make it manually adjustable for each module (displaying in the tray), because for the people, which use not all of the modules (like me the AV on Access Module).

Indeed, Cimba. It would be nice to have an alert on Comodo tray icon for CIS 4 when av, firewall, or defence is disabled. :-TU

Safety, safety, safety… :P0l