Alert for Agent.exe won't go away.

When I booted up this morning I was greeted with the following yellow alert:
Agent.exe could not be recognized and is about to access the loopback network interface. The IP range belongs to a special network zone called Loopback Network Interface. Although it is a pseudo-network zone i.e. no real network traffic occurs to/from your computer. If Agent.exe is one of your everyday applications, you can safely allow this request.

In the drop down menu it is listed as "Installer or updater. The alert appears every 2 minutes or so, and clicking OK only gets rid of it momentarily. I clicked the blue Agent.exe on the alert and it brings me to a properties window that says it is the “Install Shield Update Service agent.” I went to the Control Panel and clicked on Program Updates where Install shield is and the dialog box is now blank. I thank all who would like to offer help, but please confine an answer to staff that has a defiite answer. Not being a techie, I will be confused by hunches. :)Can you lead me to a solution? Thanks

I don’t have a problem with Agent, but a couple of things to try. In Agent, under “help/manage update alerts” uncheck “automatic updates” if it is checked.
In Comodo, change the dropdown menu to “trusted”. I don’t know what the rules are for “installer or updater”; it is a special mode that Comodo does not disclose the rules for. Also, look at your log and see what is being blocked-maybe a port 80 request to the Agent website that is not allowed by your Agent rules?
[Vista Ultimate x32]

Where is help/manage update alerts? I can’t find it

I am using Agent 4.2 newsreader, agent.exe. There is a dropdown on the top menu that says “help”, and below that is “manage update alerts”. Or are you using some other Agent? In which case, can’t help you-I use Avast! without issue, :wink: But try changing the rules to “trusted” or “windows application” anyway-they both allow loopback.

SDED - Thanks for your concern and attempt to help me. However, in the last few minutes Outlook started getting alerts again after I spent the entire day yesterday trying to resolve that problem. Finally in the late afternoon Melih informed me that 2 ports were missing and after inserting them that Outlook problem was solved, until now. Now I’ve got two alerts popping up simultaniously and I refuse to continue with this puzzle any longer. I’ve got v2.4 on another snapshot which I am going back to. I will purge v3 and wait until I see the whole v3 help forum with nothing but oohs and ahs, or I’ll get a different FW when v2.4 is scrapped.