Alert: Defense+/ rundll32 / Printing

Greetings all,

Since updating to CIS I switched Firewall configuration to Proactive Security.
I am setting all rules over again. That’s fine because my imported rules are in Optimum Security.

I used printer since update. I answered one or two alerts which is normal and wasn’t bothered by Defense+ anymore, which is correct too.

But today I needed to print 2 pages report from website (probably irrelevant info…but…)

Well, the image below shows the Alert. I don’t remember the number of Alerts before I started counting them :slight_smile: but after that it was like 15. Then printing finished. Nothing in the Printer queue… another 4 Alerts. I switched printer off there were another 3… and then it stopped

I switched back to Optimum in order to test printing the same report. No Alerts as it should be.

my questions is ???

My regards