Alert: Avast AshWebSv.ex------->File

Hi guys.

This has been happening lately. 3 out of 7 times, when I boot up my PC first time in the day, and just after Avast has finished updating, a D+ alert pops up saying that AshWebSv.exe wants to ??? a file. I can not say what Avast wants, or what file it is because the alert does not fill out completely and the PC just freezes, the mouse works but it does not matter what I click nothing happens. I have waited 10 min and the only thing that happens is that the hour sand glass turns around and around. This happens when D+ is in “Clean PC Mode or Safe Mode or Paranoid Mode”. I have tried to set programs as trusted but they switched back to Custom. I end up turning my PC off and then on by depressing the on-off button.

I have reinstall CIS and Avast and still 2 or 3 times out of 7 the event reproduces. Mind you, this only happens the first time the PC is booted or Avast updates for the first time. if avast updates during the time I have been working with the PC, the event does not reproduce.

Nothing irregular is logged in my PC, Avast, or CIS. I know I can go to D+ > ashwebsv.exe “Application System Activity Control” and “Access Right” and allow all files to go through, but I would like to know what file Avast wants to access or change or whatever.

Has any body using Avast seen this behaviour in his/her PC?

Thank you.

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I to have the same problem. Pretty much everything iroc said, is happening as well on my laptop. I have the latest comodo firewall and avast installed.

A pop up for Defense+ shows up, after avast updates, and its only the first time I start my computer. I displays no information, and freezes my laptop. Im sick of this. I like my protection combo and dont want to switch to AVG or anything else. I have been virus free and the firewall is great, it also passes the leak test.

COMODO…or anyone else…any idea as to why this happens. Avast is set to be a trusted program in the firewall. Thank you for the help.