here is what i got when I tried to load a web page for my son school home work done on this site.

-Link removed by Moderator-

Hello lcla1000, this forum is for reporting issues with the Comodo forum or any of the Comodo websites.

Not issues with any other websites.

I’m going to remove the site link that you’ve posted, because it is a direct download link, which is against the Forum Policy.

If you feel this application is detected as a false positive, (you never mentioned why you posted the link…) you can report it using the instructions in this post. How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting !

Do I understand correctly that your reporting an issue with Comodo Dragon the web browser related to

Can you explain what fails? Is it related to the specific plugin used by this site?
Can you post a screenshot of the error, and a description on how to reproduce the issue?