aleks website

My child’s school is using this site for homework. but it seems not to be compatible with comodo. Can anyone help me with it. You have to log-in to get the error so I am not sure if you will be able to get the error or not. You can go to download and try to get the software they are running. I had to download Firefox or internet explore to run the website.

Are you using Comodo Dragon and getting an error about it possibly being unsafe?

no it will not load it say something about safari 12 not supported.

The error message would suggest the web site is misidentifying the browser. Which version of firefox are you using?

That aside, the web site needs to have Java installed, so if you haven’t already, download the plug-in here. Close your browser, run the installation, then relaunch the browser. Other than this, there are no special requirements that I found when I signed for the free trial.

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I did download Java and restarted the computer after download. after I did download Java I made it one step further. but it still would not let my daughter see the pages.

What browser are you using? Safari, Chrome, Comodo Dragon, Firefox,etc…?

I asked tonight to try and log-in to the web site and when she did every thing worked just fine thank you all for all your help I also had her up date to the newest COMODO DRAGON. THANK YOU ALL