Alcohol 120% doesn't work with Comodo

Hi All,

I’ve been a user of Comodo products for a few years now but for the first time I have tried to install any on a machine with Alcohol 120% on it.

My installation of Alcohol 120% was working fine before installing. As soon as I install CIS (firewall and antivirus with defender) Alcohol 120% ceases to work. I use Alcohol to create virtual drives which I then mount disk images onto (I always lose/scratch CDs/DVDs).

Alcohol 120% will still start but only after giving the following error:
“Loading Alcohol device drivers failed!
Emulation options and native driver interface of Alcohol will not be available”

Here are some of the things I have tried:
If I uninstall CIS, Alcohol starts to work again.
Disabling Firewall does not fix the issue.
Disabling Antivirus does not fix the issue.
Disabling Defence+ does not fix the issue.
Adding the all the Alcohol 120% executables to the trusted program list doesn’t help.

I have checked Alcohol-Softs own website and followed their instructions for resolving this issue under all known circumstances (including un-installing everything and installing everything and installing the latest SPTD (SCSI Pass-Through Direct)). This did not help

If I try installing Comodo first and then Alcohol 120%, Alcohol will not install at all.

I’m at my wit’s end trying to fix this. If anyone has any ideas what else I can do, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated! I use this machine and these software packages for running my own business so I’m under no little time pressure.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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Welcome to the forum Rob :slight_smile:

Please read here;msg447385#msg447385

and here;msg443070#msg443070

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Thanks Dennis2!

I hadn’t seen those. Adding all the Alcohol Executables to the Defence+ exclusion list has worked perfectly!

Your welcome glad it solved your problem :slight_smile:

Thank for posting.