Alarmed by PCMAG Review [Merged]

I’ve been using Comodo firewall for a few years but its been a while since I read reviews, but I went to see them now for 2012 and I am alarmed about reviews such as at Comodo Firewall 10 Review | PCMag

“Comodo Firewall didn’t actively detect or block any of the thirty-odd exploits generated by the Core IMPACT penetration tool. Norton and Kaspersky block exploit attacks at the network level. When last tested, Norton blocked all of them and identified almost all by name.” --among other things mentioned.

Are you solving these issues?! I tried searching for that on your forum but did not see results. I feel like I should switch to another firewall, one I can rely on!!!

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Hey and warm welcome to Comodo forums

Don’t take reviews too serious but with a grant salt; a firewall won’t block anything if web access is accepted. The best thing is for you to test some malware against it and see for yourself. Register and download wmware.

as you surely know the firewall is very configurable.

I hope this helps

This guy is just pushing paid software - in my opinion.

I really love the snarky dig at the end…“If you’re lonely enough that you love reading and responding to popups from your firewall, Comodo and its Defense+ may be perfect for you.”…if you’re lonely enough??

Hi, I came accross this review last night and alough I take Pc mag reviews with a shovel of salt I wonderd if anyone had any thoughts on it?

In paticular this:

Comodo Firewall didn't actively detect or block any of the thirty-odd exploits generated by the Core IMPACT penetration tool.

And this:

setting the service's startup type to disabled and forcing a reboot disabled the firewall. It visibly launched, but its protection never started.

And Comodo Antivirus 2012 by PCMAG

The don’t seem to understand that comodo is about preventing and not repairing infected computer.

But he mentions that Comodo AV can keep the clean system clean but is not for malware infested system coz of poor cleaning.

But he also mentions that Comodo AV’s impressive protection to keep clean system clean is not for everyone as D+ gives plethora of popups for both legit & malicious apps & is confusing for majority & they may block legit apps & face prob.

So good for people who understand popups but not for majority.

and when they test our full capability CCE etc then we get the best mark for removal :slight_smile:,1871,iid=326554,00.asp

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Ok thanks for the response

Cograts :slight_smile: Not to go offtopic but this is the main reason why CIS should have CCE’s cleaning capabilities; since cleaning infected pc seems to be an important part.


Egemen is figuring out how to put them two together for v6…

these two apps CIS and CCE fight eachother! they are 2 very powerful beasts built for 1 specific purpose!
CIS to protect
CCE to clean

lets see…

wow :slight_smile: It’s nice to see that on going and new feature for CIS 6. Once that’s done, CIS will be able to get rewards it deserves. :slight_smile:

Keep the good work and take the time that’s needed :slight_smile:

wow sounds like v6 will be an amazing beast. comodo is really stepping up with this release. :-TU

That’s good news! Keep up your great works!

A beast…how appropriate. And to think you’d want this in your system.

I still disagree with putting cce with cis. maybe with the installer to scan for malware that might interfere sure, why not. But to include it as a part of it for protection…meh. Bells and whistles? No. A rabid dog is more accurate. We’re putting too much into something that doesn’t need too much. Oh, well. It was good while it lasted. I’ll give it a whirl for old time’s sake. Who knows, maybe you can pull it off? I’ll give you guys the benefit of doubt. Good luck and good day.

I tend to agree :-TU Include it in the installer as an option, don’t force it on us.

whatever we do will be a clean ‘no force’ way.

Thank you :slight_smile: