Alarm ! Chrome web browser password feature slammed as 'security flaw'

ALARMS HAVE BEEN RAISED about Google’s Chrome web browser, with reports slamming the firm for a “security flaw” that allows users to view stored passwords from the settings panel.

Edited link – JoWa

Hasn’t this been a well known fact for quite a while? ???

Its new one Chrome’s insane password security strategy

What do you mean is new? That you can see the passwords or that “Saved passwords” are mandatory when importing from Safari? I’m quite certain that the passwords have been visible like that for quite while and that it’s nothing new. Either way it’s good to make more people aware of it.

Keep as much information off GOOG servers as you can to help protect you privacy. Do not use this built-in feature in any Chromium browser.

Instead, try a third-party solution like Abine Blur: passwords, payments, & privacy.

i.e. Try not to put too many eggs in one basket. :slight_smile: