Air Con

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any extra, or lack there-of energy charges. Only conduct this if you are the owner of the device. This only assumes that the device will reset back to the correct temp once a valid signal is received. Use at your own risk!!!.

A little trick that i picked up, a bit of a practical joke.

With some air conditioners where the cooling device itself does not have a display but the remote control does:

Try setting the device to a temperature, then take the controller out of the room or cover the wireless thingy that sends the signal (Sorry, forgot the technical name (:TNG)) and change the temperature then wait a few seconds before uncovering the wireless thingy/ walking back into the room.

The air conditioner should be running at the original temperature but the remote controller displays the new temperature.

Great for sending someone crazy.

wen it come bak 2 normal?

Switch the air con off with the remote. Turn it back on again and change the temperature with the remote, and the aircon will adopt the current settings of the remote.

Good one, rotty. :smiley:

He He… U ppl are crazy! :■■■■

well panic, i tried, roughly 10s, maybe my hand is not fast enough.

The idea with this trick is that the remote should send the current temperature each time you press the up or down button. So in the transmission it should send the number . IE. “19” because someone might do what I said in the above post accidentally and the air conditioner would loose track of the temperature.