Aiiiieeeeee! I've been hacked [SOLVED]

The NSA hacked my machine and absconded with the D+ Active Process list so I won’t find out that I’m onto them.

Well I am, and I did.

Now what do I do?

??? You are not making logical sense apart from the fact if you were actually were or were not hacked by the NSA:

How does one take a away APL?
That makes no sense.
so I won't find out that I'm onto them.
You cannot find out you are onto them? Did they put a memory charm on your brain or sumping ;)
Well I am,
You mean you are hacked?
and I did.
You mean you are onto them?
Now what do I do?
Since you stated there is no evidence there is nothing we can do, can't we? I would say get a good night of sleep first because your post is confused.

The Active Process Listing is gone, nowhere to be found. There is no Active Processes GUI anywhere. I know it was there before, I used it.

It was replaced in favor of Comodo Killswitch (Watch Activity).

WOAH! Waaaaaaaaaaaaay cool. :o

You know, I seen that. I just never associated it with Application Processes GUI from v5.12. And when I went into Watch Activity, it wanted to download stuff (nah, I don’t want that). But I’d already used what I thought was Application Processes when adding rules, select, running process. That’s not the same thing though. And I’m, like, looin’ everywhere for the stinkin’ thing.

Dude, KillSwitch! Oh, man! Woah! I’m a kid in the Easter Candy store on Christmas.