Agnitium Firewall module used by CIS?

The Firewall module is created by Agnitum, and it is also used by [b]Comodo [/b]and Kaspersky, whilst the Vulnerability scanner (the ex Inspector) was developed with Secunia.

By Bullguard’s Forum moderator


they are just trying to make their product good by associating it with comodo and kaspersky the best firewalls in the industry. Comodo developed their own, as did kaspersky. Bulldog could not and they bought the agnitum one so they are saying it is the same one comodo and kaspersky uses to make it look better then what it is.

No. You can see a list of the licensees here: Agnitum Strategic Partners

It is what i guessed… i was quite suspicious about that info since it is the first time i heard this…


what is agnitum

Outpost firewall

so if comodo and Kaspersky developed their own module and outpost uses agnitum then how is it the same as comodo when they developed their own and don’t use agnitum?

It’s not!

so they are being dishonest?

I don’t think that anybody can sensibly answer that here. You’ll need to ask the Bullguard Moderator in question… although you should probably be a little more tactful in how you present your query. :slight_smile:

Kail is right. So glad paranoia is not contagious.
A mistake by a forum mod! That could never happen here. 88)

i replied to him that he did a mistake.

:cry: I thought I was forgiven. :wink:

Indeed you are!

Thanks Pete - lessons learnt hard are remembered longest. :wink:

Hi guys,

As our mods pointed out COMODO Firewall is developed by us. We do not use any 3rd party security components anywhere.


I hope they will remove this erroneous entry from their forum. I am sure its just an innocent mistake.

Maybe a Comodo Staff personnel needs to e-mail direct to their support, requesting removal?
Email ad is at the bottom of the their forum page or in the Mods post.
Edit: Live support

I checked the link and Comodo was not mentioned.

Wasn’t the Comodo firewall originally developed from the Trustix firewall code when Comodo acquired them ?

If it was Comodo made a shrewed move :slight_smile: