Age of empires 3 LAN

Hi all

When i wanna play age of empires 3 on Lan, it blocking something.
before Comodo firewall i had no problems with age of empires 3 on lan.
i have no problems with other games with lan.

but when i wanna do age of empires 3 again with comodo they cannot see the game, also with direct ip.

Things i try:
-I try to reinstall the game

-Deleted all rules for age of empires and started in training mode.

-Overrule ip (the ip in game was differend)

-Also i turned the firewall and defense+ off, but its still blocking something.

-I have look on age of empires 3 and this forum for solutions but it not worked

-Created a network zone


the computers have windows XP sp3

I need help to play in lan again.

Greeting Daslook-NL

I am not familiar with Ages of Empire so I am going to ask some basic questions to see if we can figure a way to make it work.

Does AoE need one or more open ports for incoming traffic? Did you put both the Firewall and D+ in Training mode after deleting existing rules for AoE? Does AoE use an anti cheat client like Punkbuster, Game Guard,etc?

By the way… groeten uit Nederland… (:NRD)

Hallo EricJH.

Thanks for you quick response.

i have deleted the rules for age of empires 3 and put both in training mode and then i try to start the game.

So for i know there are no anti cheat program if you play it in LAN.

when i do lan and do direct ip, i see then the connection age3.exe, UDP out to the ip and the port :2299
I see that bytes go out but nothing going in.

And on the other pc where the server is created he see,
bytes go in, bytes go not out

For the server you need to create a Global Rule for incoming traffic. To do so go to Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Global Rules → Add → now add the following

Action: Allow
Protocol: UDP
Direction: In
Description: Open port for AoE

Source Address: to your liking Any or when the other computer has a fixed IP address use that
Destination Address: MAC address or the IP address of your computer when it has a fixed IP address
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: 2229

Now Ok and Apply your way out. Then go back to Global Rules and make sure this rule is above the basic block rule(s) at the bottom (red icon(s)).

Both pc have Comodo firewall.

Must the host pc must have differend rules then the pc who wanna join?

the host pc have UDP in only - bytes in

and the one what wanna join have UDP out - bytes out

Please open the ports 6000-6009 UDP for both computers for incoming traffic. Then delete the rules for AoE in the Application Rules then start the game in Training mode.

When that doesn’t work check the logs of D+ and Firewall to see if AoE starts another application. In that case make that application a trusted application in D+ and Firewall.