after upgrade to comodo firewall 7 , at least 2 program fail to execute properly

PROBLEM SOLVED - conflicts with lastest avira antivirus.

After upgrade to comodo firewall 7, at least 2 programs fail to execute properly. These programs fail when the comodo configuration is set to proactive. They still works perfectly under “firewall” mode. And they also work alright under “safe” boot of window 7. After rollback to comodo 6 and there is no problem. I need some help before going to comodo 7 again.
Any help will be much appreciated. Let me know if you need to find out more.

More info:
some of my settings :

  1. Disable HIPS
  2. Auto Sandbox unknown application as “untrusted”
  3. Detect program which require elevated privileges.
  4. Show privileged election alerts for unknown program


  • Windows 7 Home premium 64 bits

The programs that fail to function:

  1. My Notes Keeper -
    Problem a - fails to load the previous file
    Problem b - fails to compact the current file

  2. registry backup
    Failed to restore 1/10 registry files. Cannot exactly identify the file failed to load, however. Narrow it down to 3 files and then these 3 files was restored 1 by 1 and then they all can be restored.

PROBLEM SOLVED - conflicts with lastest avira antivirus.