After upgrade can't share music - iTunes 7 or Comodo Firewall problem?

I was able to share my music between desktop and laptop having set up the relevant ports on both machines in Comodo Firewall until today, when I upgraded to iTunes 7. Is this a problem with iTunes 7 - and I’ve posted to the Apple Support forums as well, in case - or has the upgrade done something to the firewall settings? I’ve checked and port forwarding of the relevant ports is still in place. I just can’t see my shared music from the desktop on the laptop.

I’m using the latest version of the firewall and I can’t seem to find the setting for ‘trusted applications’ which used to be in the old version. I was thinking maybe I could set up iTunes as a trusted app?

Thanks for your help.


  • Please specify what version of CPF you’re using.

  • If you EXIT CPF are you then able to share your folders?

  • When you R-click on CPR on the tray and select “Allow all traffic” - are you then able to share?

    If everything fails(no)… then this has nothing to do with CPF…,
    If (yes), then please show us your current Rules(screen shot) and if you could explain better how your network is being configured.


Assuming that you’re using the latest version of CPF (, then open CPF. Press the Security button. On the Tasks tab, you should see an option Define a New Trusted Application. This is the one you are after.

As for testing, rki is right. The best way to check if CPF is causing the problem is to set CPF to “Allow All”. But, do not terminate CPF. This will leave CPFs cmdagent running & in CPFs absence, that will stop all communications.

Hi there, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Turns out the problem seems to have been with iTunes 7 but I guess it’s worth it being referenced here in case other Comodo users encounter the same.

iTunes 7 checks all the music files in your database and does something - not sure if it’s conversion, exactly - relating to ‘gapless playback’ - to each file. I have a sizeable music drive and it took literally hours for iTunes 7 to go through each file and do its thing. Now, I was able to use all other functions while this was going on except for, apparently, share the music folder with the laptop.

I am running the latest CPF and I did try what you suggested but it didn’t work. I was on the verge of giving up when iTunes 7 finished going through the database for this ‘gapless playback’ whatever. And then, lo and behold, I was able to connect to my shared music although it takes an age compared to the previous version of iTunes. But then, iTunes 7 seems very buggy and very, very slow overall and I may just roll back to previous version!

Be cautious. Ensure iT7 didn’t do anything to the files that iT6 can’t handle.

Thanks! That’s what I’m trying to find out right now. I would be quite annoyed if it has done anything to the files themselves and would hope Apple knows better than to effectively make people’s mp3 collections playable only in their software (iTunes Music Store-purchased music being the obvious exception).

I suspect the changes are held in the library database file rather than the files themselves. Still, a warning from Apple - if Apple even know of the problem - that ‘sharing music is not possible during first-run of iTunes 7 while file information is updated’ or something similar would have saved a lot of bother checking CPF’s settings when there was no need.

I’ve also found my skins plugin no longer works and neither does the Volume Logic plugin which improves sound quality, so all told iTunes 7 has been a pain in the backside today! It’s bloatware and runs very slowly but I can at least now access my shared music albeit the initial connection to my library takes several minutes longer after the upgrade. All told, it should be said to be beta or even alpha software certainly not a final release version and I suspect we’ll see a point upgrade within days or weeks.

The “gapless playback” is a new feature annonced by Jobs at the APple conference yesterday. Woulda been nice if he told everyone it was going to modify their existing files, though.

ewen :frowning: