After updating to version 5, firewall fails leak test horribly

Ok so ive been using comodo firewall version 4 for over a year now, and i get a notice saying for me to update to version 5. I update to version 5 and ran CTL( comodo leak test). When i was using version 4, i got a perfect 340/340. After updating to version 5 i get a very low score of 220/340. What gives? what caused such a low score, and how can i fix it? If it cannot be fixed, can someone please give me the link to version 4 so i can reinstall please.

Here are some screenshots of how my firewall is set up if it helps. Oh and im also running windows 7 x64.

that what you need…


Using CLT on v5 seems to give variable results. See Whoop dee doo’s sticky post for reference.

ok thanks eric.
Ill go check the topic

oh, should I be concerned I just clicked the update for Comodo firewall yesterday. Version 5.0.163652.1142.

Hello! I just did a port test site https: / / Shields UP!! — System Error, using the latest version of Comodo 5.0.163652.1142, and after I took the test at all ports and services, He told me I failed the security test firewall:

  • Solicited TCP Packets: PASSED — No TCP packets were received from your system as a direct result of our attempts to elicit some response from any of the ports listed below — they are all either fully stealthed or blocked by your ISP. However . . .

  • Unsolicited Packets: PASSED — No Internet packets of any sort were received from your system as a side-effect of our attempts to elicit some response from any of the ports listed above. Some questionable personal security systems expose their users by attempting to “counter-probe the prober”, thus revealing themselves. But your system remained wisely silent. (Except for the fact that not all of its ports are completely stealthed as shown below.)

  • Ping Reply: RECEIVED (FAILED) — Your system REPLIED to our Ping (ICMP Echo) requests, making it visible on the Internet. Most personal firewalls can be configured to block, drop, and ignore such ping requests in order to better hide systems from hackers. This is highly recommended since “Ping” is among the oldest and most common methods used to locate systems prior to further exploitation.

What is the problem in earlier versions of Comodo test was passed! Thanks

If you are using the default configuration this has been change as members were asking for this.

Please go to Firewall / Stealth Port Wizard and choose the bottom option you should pass after this.


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Thanks for the advice, I tried but I just tried the PC Flank test after we made changes to the stealth port wizard, but still no change! Another option? I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled but useless as cis! Thanks

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