After update to

Since update Tuesday evening, I have had two Windows 10 SVChost process running that were soaking up about 15% CPU cycles. I tried multiple reboots but that did not help. Also tried running from the Administrator account. Saw the same thing.

Messed around with task manager and saw that two svchost tasks seemed to be using the CPU excessively. (See attached).

One of the svchost process seems to be involved with ICS (internet connection sharing). I changed the ICS services to manual and was able to stop it. That seemed to send the CPU back to normal (~98% unused). Unsure what if any other problems this may cause me.

The other seems to be with Windows Firewall. Windows firewall is supposed to be turned off (checked and it was) but the WF service appears to be running and can’t be turned off. I did managed to change it to manual start.

This problem appears to have started after I updated Comodo Internet Security last evening. Is anyone else experiencing Win10 OS problems from the update to Comodo CIS

Just me with this problem?

You’re not supposed to turn off the firewall service but only the firewall through control panel. To investigate high cpu usage, use process hacker and double-click on high cpu process and go to threads tab and sort by cpu column to see the thread causing high CPU. also make sure you start process hacker with run as administrator alt-click context menu.

If you look at the screenshots for the Comodo Resource Monitor, you can see that both rogue processes are system level svchost processes. I used Windows task monitor and another app similar to Process Hacker and they showed me nothing very useful and nothing I could control. I even forced terminated one of the SVChost processes, which resulted in a blue screen error and a need to restart the system.

The only way I could stop those processes stuck in what seems like a CPU loop was to stop their services.

I’m pointing the finger at Comodo as the possible suspect as this seemed to me to occur after the most recent update but I can’t be 100% sure.

Perhaps the next big Window’s update will set my system straight if no one else is experiencing a similar problem after the latest Comodo IS update.

I just did a bunch of Driver updates so decided to see if re-enabling ICS would work now. But it did not. Changing it to automatic start from Manual results in the same CPU loop as previous coming from an SVCHOST task.

I tried disabling Comodo but nothing changed. I still think this all started after the lates Comodo update. I may have to take Comodo out totally and see what happens.

To see exactly the cause you need to use process hacker and double-click on the svchost process that is using high CPU and then go to the threads tab and sort by CPU column to see which thread is using the most CPU.