After update the "Surface" wont show up, think cmdAgent is "broken"

Hay guys sorry im really new here so pls dont be harsh.
So my problem is after update to the newest version i can´t open the “surface” or Interface (Sorry english is not my first language)
when im double clicking the icon it´s loading for a sec but nothing happens i cant open the settings or anything but comodo (CIS)
is running i just can´t open anything. i think it´s my cmdAgent that it´s broken in my eventviewer it says that cmdAgent is not there or the installer file is broken…
Even after a reinstall it´s the same problem. Please help me and try to be “beginner” friendly.

I have the same problem. I am not sure when it started, probably after the last update. Comodo seems to still work, but i can not open the interface or change any settings. I hope someone has a solution to that problem. I did try to reinstall it several times. No changes so far. Will try to install an older version and let it update today.

Please try reinstalling CIS following Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron. It will provide a reliable clean starting point.

Does that help?

Sry i was busy the last few weeks
i will try it right now and reply then

No, i follewed the exact manuel but nothing… Please i literally hate all outher antivir / Firewalls nothing is so good and smoot like comodo…
any other things that i can do?

Just to be sure what you did. Did you run clean up tools for programs you had installed in the past? That’s an important step to know that the system is free from possible influences of them.

Do you have other security programs installed on your computer? Which ones run in the background alongside CIS?

Yes i did run the clean up tools from the instructions you linked me, and no other antivir pro. i had Avira but i deinstalled it 1-2 weeks ago.

And btw i installed windows completly new yesterday and try´d it but nothing, than i searched for an older version of comodo (6.0) and installed it
and everything is fine so it´s just the new update from comodo that wont work for me

It sounds like you found a bug. If you have the time and energy please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

Reporting of bugs is strictly moderated to make sure Comodo gets clear bug reports. So, please make sure you closely follow protocol. That way your report will certainly be seen by Comodo staff.

Okay i will do it tomorrow i hope the bug get´s than fixed fast :-\

Thank you for taking the time to fill in a bug report. The bug report will go through various stages of processing. Some patience will be needed.