after update and restart windows alerts says no firewall running

I just updated the comodo firewall as per the firewall stating there was an update for the program. After it was done I needed to restart the computer. No problems there, but after restarting the computer the Windows Security Alerts is saying that I do not have a firewall turned on for the computer. When I click on the icon it says that both the Comodo Firewall and the Windows Firewall are both turned off.

I checked in the task manager and it shows that cistray.exe and cis.exe are running and the icon is in the lower right corner where the clock is so I am not sure why the Windows Security Alerts is saying that I have not firewall turned on. How do I get it to recognize that the firewall is turned on - or am I mistaken and it is not running?

This is a known issue when installed on Windows Vista.

I see this on my Vista machine too, on every start up. [Windows firewall is turned off]
It seems to be because the alert is generated before COMODO has started up.V 8.2.4508
I tried the clearing the wbem repository folder as suggested in another thread, that had no effect.