After uninstall CCAV I cannot Turn On Windows Defender

I use CCAV at home and want to give a try at my work PC. After complete / good install, CCAV opened. But it cannot connect to Cloud Database.

So I’ve uninstalled it. And want to enable / turn on Windows Defender. But Windows Defender reported that there is another real-time AV solution and it cannot be turned on.

How can I resolve the issue.

My system: Windows 10 x64 Pro Turkish.

1.7 update got CCAV corrupted, not opening, desktop shortcut was aiming to to G:/ … (and G dont event exist).
uninstall from program files don’t work, reinstall downloading CCAV again gives me this error:

Error during execution “ccavstart.exe”. Acceso Negado.

So now I looking for a tool o do a clean uninstall it.

fixed my PC by doing:

  1. uninstall CCAV using revo uninstaller
  2. uninstall CCAV (again) by running the downloaded setup of CCAV

CCAV installer and CIS installer still consider CCAV is installed so I can not longer install neither of them.
Revo finds nothing more to delete, and CCAV installer fail to uninstall (expected because CCAV have 0 files remaining on the disk)