After the latest program update, av database won't update. (SOLVED)

Win 7 64 Ultimate sp1 (UAC off)… after this latest program update (downloaded over 100 mb, required restart, did so), the main window says that the database is over 61 months old… even windows told me that… BUT the trick is… when I press the update, it says that is up-to-date, both the program and the virus database. Even if I press the Fix It button… did a restart also… ANYONE THAT HAS THIS ISSUE ?! I’m in a hurry now, going to get a hair cut… will investigate later… I’m new to win 7, maybe is me…


EDIT: Came back later this evening, did an update and it worked… now I’m green, Secured and up-to-date. Comodo update servers again, maybe ?!