After terminating the processes

Does SPI engine work properly after terminating the main processes just as the Defense plus does? ???

Hello Magis,

can you please explain a bit more ? I’m not sure if i understand this correctly.

When cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe are terminated D+ still blocks all unknown requests, no Comodo process running is needed.

I suppose MagisDing wants to know if it’s the same with the stateful packet inspection firewall component.
I don’t know the answer, sry.

Well,that’s exactly what I meaned. :slight_smile:
We can click on the option that block unkown requests when the application(i.e. Comodo) is closed in the Defense settings while I can’t find similar Firewall configurations.

That option works for the firewall aswell or did in the past if you do not have a firewall rule it could not connect if the gui was closed and the option ticked.

it is great
it means the rules are also working When the Gui was closed

I just checked again this still works.
Remove rule shutdown gui email does no work, replace rule shutdown gui email works.

What is new to me is it still logs now if you have a rule to log, when the gui is closed.


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Yeah, I have made some too,the results act the same :wink: The ports that I didn’t open were stilll stealthed after shutting down the rules.


Do they appear open if you “disable” the firewall ?
If you have a router between your pc and the internet it could very well be that you are scanning the routers firewall and not your pc’s firewall.

Hi Ronny,
Well, My computer connects directly with the Internet, so the test works properly to report the real status of all my ports.
But which annoys me is that all the ports were still stealthed after I disabling the Firewall function… ??? However final conclusion shows definitely opposite results.(see the attached picture)
Maybe this one can prov the Firewall(like SPI engine etc.) still works after shutting down the GUI(terminating the process) :wink:

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This smells like Windows Firewall is still active also, can you please check that.
If you would like to see what ports are listening on your system you can also use a command-box and type:

TCP Ports:

netstat -an |find /i "LISTENING"

UDP Ports:

netstat -an |find /i "*:*"

This way you know what to expect from the scan results.

Could someone make some portscans with all Comodo processes closed (cfp.exe + cmdagent.exe)?
Would be very nice :slight_smile:

Or did you already proceed in this way, MagisDing?