after so much time I can not get rid of Yahoo

Please have your staff at Comodo read the following book

So many people hate Yahoo. Many have tried to use the forum to address this huge problem and you have not provided a clean and friendly single button to remove this unwanted application.

Every attempt I have made has not gotten rid of Yahoo.

Please just answer why you refuse to allow a simple way to get rid of it.

I’m sorry that you’ve had troubles with our product but what specifically of Yahoo’s are you trying to remove and “we” (Comodo) will not let you do so? What steps have you taken thus far?


I very simply wish to add my choice of search engine and get rid of the yahoo search engine. I am one of many who want this option. Very simple request. Each time I try to get another search engine loaded to offer an alternative to yahoo and them try to delete Yahoo, I can’t. Yahoo persists. There may be a deeply embedded nonintuitive , multistep procedure, but the examples given have failed. I do not want to spend hours trying, then join a forum to query for a solution to achieve what could be a very simple choice/selection to customize as I wish. Why not just allow us to delete Yahoo? If there is no listed search engine to default to, open an option labelled ‘Add your preferred search engine to be made your default’.

Is that so very difficult? Change the procedure to minimize the steps to change search engines. Do like other applications and offer some alternative so that Yahoo can easily be deleted and never return. Offer a tested working solution to remove Yahoo to quickly be found in the ‘Search’ option. Just make it easy. Make it easy in both the Chrome and Firefox based Comodo offerings. Easy customization, very easy procedures, rapid solutions found via the search option.

I implore you to read the book I suggested previously. It would provide you the necessary background to develop a far better, far more user friendly product.

Thank you.

Which version of Dragon or Ice Dragon are you using and having a great deal of difficulty in removing Yahoo?

I am using Ice Dragon I believe this is the up to date release.

Thank you.

See the screenshot.
There, you can change everything.

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I’m unable to replicate your issue with the same version of Ice Dragon on Windows 7 (64-bit). I added DuckDuckGo, restarted IceDragon, removed Yahoo as a Search Engine and restarted again. Yahoo was still gone from the list.

The solution from jenny66 worked.

I think this is the best way to delete Yahoo. The route using Settings didn’t work for me.

Thank you