After seven years, BoClean is unusable on my system[Resolved]

And I liked the original so much, I purchased TWO licenses. Once I bring up the configuration menu, I cannot get rid if it, I’m stuck. I am not changing my display options for one program, this is the first and only program to ever do this to me; notice, the bottom two options are missing:

Good-bye old friend (I’m open to any replacement suggestions, thank you).


Have you tried putting in a support ticket? Maybe they can get your problem fixed.

What are your display settings? I just tried a setting of 800x600 and it displayed alright. That is as far as I can go down on my video card so I can’t test 640x480.


1280x1024 with 120 DPI, and like I said, the 120 stays.


I would still fill out a support ticket because if it worked before then maybe you have found something they forgot to do and they would appreciate knowing about it.


Have you tried expanding the menu box?
Place your cursor over the edge of the box and see if it turns into a double arrow, then hold down the left click button and drag it to the size you need.

Duh, that worked! I need a smilie for being embarrassed. Thanks.


You’re certainly welcome.
It’s nice to have a quick fix up my sleeve on an occasion. :wink:
I’ll mark this resolved and lock it.

BC, old buddy! Howdy! :slight_smile:

Still running that squirrely font mode, eh? Glad to hear cat took care of you as far as the stretch needed, something else that might be handy for you and everyone else to know is that the “popup menu” isn’t a traybar popup, it’s actually a regular “window.” We try to put it on the screen for popup for those running 800x600 resolution, so it will appear to float somewhere towards the middle of the screen. In addition to grabbing the edges to “size it smoothly” you can ALSO grab the blue top there and drag it anywhere you want it to pop up on your screen. It will remember where you put it thereafter. We did this because not everyone has their traybar on the bottom.