After scan problem

Hi guyz,

I’m new of the forum, so please forgive my noobness if this subject has already been dealt with :).
A friend of mine was having troubles with viruses on his laptop, so I suggested him to try CIS, which I know for its effectiveness (flattery moment :D)…
He installed CIS, fully updated the program, and ran a deep scan.
The antivirus found a good page of annoying things.
Some of these files have been got rid of, but many are still there, appearing as merely detected but not cancelled nor moved in quarantine, and we cannot (at least we don’t know how to) “order” the program to send all those files in quarantine or to erase them from the pc…is there a way to do this?
Is it some kind preset behaviour we should change from the option panel? Or else, what are we supposed to do?
After this first scan he tried restarting a new one, to check if those evil files had already been dealt with automatically, but Comodo said a new scan could not be started yet because the malevolent files found during the previous one were still there. ???

So, this is the problem, hope I was plain and clear.

Btw, he is using the polish version of CIS, don’t think anything changes, but just to mention.
So, any hints?
Thx a bunch ppl.

Please follow the advice I provide in this article.

Then, once all threats have been eliminated I would recommend that you reinstall CIS and follow the configuration advice I give in this article.

Please let me know if you have any questions.