After remove Malware/trojans PC startup deposits messages about missing programs

Twice now I’ve had Virus/Trojan/Malware attacks where Comodo has launched and isolated a list of things to be removed/quarantined/purged. After the removal option was selected, I keep getting a message box popping up every time the PC boots up telling me a necessary component to something on my PC needs to be re-installed. The first one referred to something called Weather [I’m clueless] which has been arriving faithfully for months. I tried searching it in Add/Remove Programs & MyPC, but found nothing to provide any clues, so have just been dealing with the annoyance of clicking the X to close it every time PC starts. Suddenly with this latest attack/removal I’m getting 2 NEW message boxes popping up on startup with references to one of my Toolbars [so am guessing the other may have referred to a “weather” quicklink on same toolbar?] interestingly, the message box from before [about Weather] has ceased to broadcast on PC bootup. Any suggestions??? The toolbar being referenced is MyWebSearch [from Smiley Central] at least I think that is what it is naming.

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Mywebsearch is known adaware. Which means it launches unwanted adds, or install products you don’t want. It will probably have installed some weather information software, which Comodo detects, but doesn’t remove completely.

I sujest you follow this topic and post back the hijackthis log afterwards,

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