After re-install no system scan ?

hey guys, i uninstalled Comodo and installed again.

i used Ravo uninstaller, like in the past. Iused the advance mode of uninstalling, although i agreed to the system restart, before i could proceed to the last step of the uninstall process(deleting registry entries etc - those who use Revo Uninstaler should know what i mean). But then i deleted the registry entries using Ccleaner instead.

anyway, after the new installation of Comodo Firewall and defense (no antivirus) the settings are suddenly “Safe mode” and there has been no initial system scan.

I know that few months ago, after the initial instalation, the comodo scanned the drive for around 10 minutes asnd then it was “clean Pc mode”

so i wonder, did just the way Comodo acts after installation change, or did I somehow fail to completely uninstall the application, hence there was no system scan after the new installation and the old “safe mode” defense setings were somehow remembered?


That was changed in version 3.11. Now CIS does not scan, and Defense+ is always set to Safe Mode.