After more than 6 weeks... I have returned from the dead

Yes, this is the longest I have been away as a moderator and it was well worth it! So now I’m back to haunt you all again. >:-D


Glad to see you back, Josh. I trust all is well with you?

Welcome back Josh. :-TU

Sure we are glad , “Dragons Forever”

I had no doubts that you will return after learning some new Marshal Art moves
… but here is the thing … now I have to get back calling all Moderators “Josh” according to one of our latest discussions regarding the matter…

Oh! that’s not easy! :smiley:


Josh-kail… that’s “Josho” now ;D

So it’s really doesn’t matter for me now againd whether it is John Buchanan or something from “The Books of Bokonon” From “Cat’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonnegut (one of the geniuses of our time)

All are “Joshes” again - everything is “…nice … very nice”

[i][b]Chapter 2[/b][/i] Nice, Nice, Very Nice

If you find your life tangled up with somebody else’s life for no very logical reasons," writes Bokonon, “that person may be a member of your karass.”

At another point in The Books of Bokonon he tells us, “Man created the checkerboard; God created the karass.” By that he means that a karass ignores national, institutional, occupational, familial, and class boundaries.

It is as free-form as an amoeba.

In his “Fifty-third Calypso,” Bokonon invites us to sing along with him:

Oh, a sleeping drunkard
Up in Central Park,
And a lion-hunter
In the jungle dark,
And a Chinese dentist,
And a British queen-
All fit together
In the same machine.
Nice, nice, very nice;
Nice, nice, very nice;
Nice, nice, very nice-
So many different people
In the same device.

“So many people” are mods in the same device and all are Joshes ! :o ;D


That’s erm… disturbing. That must have been some 20 minutes! :slight_smile:

“disturbing” in what sense?
“20 minutes”… the 1st post was 10:35 , the next one was 10:55
… well, correct 20 min
but it doesn’t mean at all that I was typing for 20 min :D…
I have other things to do
& the quote is always with me here … hehe!

… or probably we belong to different “karases”

anyway the book is worth reading as any other books by K. Vonnegut Jr


Seems like Josh is fighting with own demons >:-D. When they win he leaves the forum. When he wins he returns :a0
… or vice versa ;D

I trust he trained well in the mountains to acquire new martial art moves.

Man, can you take a break without deleting your account? :-\ It’s getting annoying Josh. 1-2 times - fine, 5-6 - stupid.

I believe martial arts are of little help against demons O0 …but who knows :-X

If those demons happened to be his alter egos, he could simply punch himself ;D

So when is the next account deletion scheduled? 88)


Instant Mod…again? 88) :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean by “Instant”… like a coffee ? that dissolves quickly … & gone!
… and then you you got another can that will disappear soon , so you have to… & so on & so forth…

if that “instant” - then - Yes! ;D

… but if you mean mathematical Gauss’s “mod”, where numbers (in this case “moderators” :slight_smile: ) starting over when they reaches certain value

… then - Yes! again … the congruence is simpler to understand than Josh.
When he is leaving you should think of the “same remainder” which is in this case - he will be back soon ;D


Ha ha, and to think, I thought it might be a bit confusing! :smiley:

No , that was not confusing

I insist that what I wrote about understanding the math compare to understanding Josh is much simpler :smiley:

Then, for sure if he can kick one’s groin using his “Marshal Arts” skills that would definitely clear one’s mind towards comprehension of the mathematics…
… after a while
but as Soya said - he has to kick himself in the 1st place … in “that groin place” for sobering his own mind and improving concentration.

Cheers! ;D

tooby=dragons for ever
dragons for ever=3xist??
Whats common in these except the person himself???

I was wondering about that…but was afraid to say something. 88)