After installing Comodo, windows theme change to classic

1)CPU 32 bit
2)OS Windows XP SP3
3)Comodo Firewall(installed without antivirus) 3.9.76924.507,Punto switcher 3.1.0
4)The program installed by user which have administrator rights, after user’s rights changed to “advanced user”,
Windows start up with classic theme , in properties display other themes - invisible, if mannualy select Luna.theme - appears window : “Unable to load the chosen theme, as the service is not performed. You can enable this service by using the icon of “Computer Management” panel”.
in “Computer Management” service “themes” is enebled and work.
BUT if change back user right’s to administrator - All work
6) Firewall+ mode Custom, Defense+ Clean PC
The same problem has been on three-two previous versions Comodo. work correctly.