After installing CIS, internet browsers do not work any longer


after installing CIS 5.8 on my laptop, none of the internet browsers on my system is working any more. IE 8 opens its window for less than a second and closes down without any message, firefox and opera do not even open a window, process explorer shows that they are trying to start but they terminate within a few moments.

Impossible to access the internet.

This seems not to be a firewall issue, and there are no messages from CIS about blocking something nor are there any events shown in CIS’s log files.

Even if I disable CIS completely, the firewall as well as Antivirus and Defense+, this behaviour does not change.

I am using two computers, connected by a WLAN. On my desktop, everything works fine. I can access the internet and the connection between desktop and laptop is okay, even with the CIS firewall on the laptop enabled, so there seems not be an issue of wrong firewall settings.

For me, this looks like during the installation process CIS has changed some registry entry that must have a certain value in order to enable internet access by any browser. This is very strange because I have been using CIS on my desktop for several years now without problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your effort!


Moved to help. We’ll move back if it looks like a bug after further investigation - please ask any mod.

Hope this is OK

Best wishes