after install of version3.0 this morning firewall not asking for permission

I installed the upgrade to version 3.0 this morning and now when I connect to the internet the Firewall is no longer asking to allow anything anymore. I use to have the firewall set up to always ask permission for almost anything prior to connecting to the internet (including the browsers). But now it is not asking for permission for anything. Can someone please tell me how to set this new version up to always ask for permission.
TIA & Happy Holidays!

You can go to Application rules and delete the applications there and that should force CFP3 to ask you again for each one. Then when you get a popup make sure that the “remember this” is not checked at the bottom and it should ask you each time.

Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy>Application Rules



Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll do that!

Have a great weekend and wonderful holiday season!

Hello Again,
I tried as suggested but the firewall still is not asking permission prior to allowing applications to access the internet.
Any other ideas?