After install comodo firewall, the windows XP system cannot remote login

I have use CFP 2.0 and now installed CFP3.0 , the main problem is that after install cfp, i cannot remote login the windows operation system, how can i solve this problem.

steps to reproduce,
first enable the XP remote desktop ,then in annother computer click on accessories->communication->remote desktop and input the ip address or computer name ,then click on ok button, but it will wait long time and have no response.

In addition,in the windows XP itself ,open remote desktop and input the computer itself name, click on the ok button, it will popup message " you have login the console…", but I don’t login the console.

And I have tried add remote desktop port to allowed list. but it still cannot remote desktop.
please solve this problem.

I’m having the same problem. During the installation, I selected the option that I use remote desktop, p2p, or whatever the option was. ( can’t remember the wording right now)