After initial install and reboot there are no Start Menu entries or Sys Tray Ico

This week I installed Comodo AV/Firewall Free on three computers - XP Pro, Vista Home Premium, and Win 7 RC Build 7100. The XP installation has been working very well (only the Firewall component installed) while I have been having strange issues with the Vista and Win 7 installations.

After the install I was able to modify the program settings so I added my proxy server information and let the program download the latest definitions. I restarted so the updates would take effect, but after logging in I found that the system tray icon had disappeared and there was no Start Menu entry. In Add/Remove Programs there was no entry for Comodo or its components, and msconfig showed no startup entry for it. If I try getting the program to run by executing the files in the Program Files directory nothing happens.

To make things stranger when I check the Windows Security settings it shows that my AntiVirus is up-to-date and that Comodo and the Windows Firewall are active.

I did have a pretty good look through the forum postings and I couldn’t see anything quite like this, however please send me a link if this is a known issue.


I had the same problem while installing it on a Windows Server 2003, I solved by reinstalling CIS.

I hope that this could help you!



Hi Cinghiuz,

I would like it to be that easy. I tried reinstalling straight over the top of the “hidden” installation and I got exactly the same result - nothing showing after a reboot.

I would like to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Take care.