After Commodo Do I need alg Service?


I have installed Commodo CIS with all the features.

Do I now need the Application Layer Gateway Service to be running?

It runs under alg.exe in Task Manager, and I have read that it is needed for Windows Firewall, but if I have Comodo installed then can I disable this?

It is currently set to Manual in services.msc but it is started at every boot.

Yes, I’d recommend leaving it set as it is.

Thanks for the reply John,

I’ve been notified by other people that if I do not use Windows Firewall I can disable this service.

If i’m using Comodo, then I assume i’m not using Windows Firewall? Meaning does Comodo disable Windows Firewall?

Are there any particular reasons for you recommending keeping the ALG service set as it is?

Just what I find on Wikipedia.
If you disable it and you run into issues, you know what caused it.

Comodo didn’t turn off the Windows firewall for me. You can right click on your connection icon in the taskbar and select “Change Windows Firewall Settings” to see if it’s on.

The ALG is really light on resources (around 4MB) so there is no real advantage to turning it off.