After closing Virtual Kiosk I am locked out of my session HELP PLEASE!

I noticed there were two virtual kiosks running in the task manager. So out of curiosity I opened it again to see if it would start a third process… this time though I clicked “exit” instead of “return to windows”.

Now I’m stuck at a screen with nothing but my wallpaper… I can do crtl-alt-del and get the login screen and do “switch user” etc… but if I log back in I’m still stuck as if windows explorer is not running and all I see is the background image… no programs… no system tray or anything.

PLEASE help me get back into what’s currently running on my PC. I am running a deep scan with TestDisk so I can try to recover a drive which was accidentally quickformatted and it takes over 12 hours to run on this very large drive, I do not want to start it over as it was almost done.

Edit: right clicking on the desktop does nothing either.

This is a pretty awful bug :frowning:

I wish I had stayed away from the newer versions of Comodo… the interface is much more confusing… took me at least 5 minutes to figure out how to manually edit the firewall rules and this kiosk thing just ■■■■■■■ me over of 2 days of work I have to start over!

Guess I have no choice but to shut down and lose all my unsaved data and wait another 12-15 hours for TestDisk to finish the deepscan… very annoyed.

Lol… now windows won’t start and windows can’t repair the problem. I just finished reinstalling and had things how I liked. Guess I’m reinstalling again… sigh

Well when recovering data i typically leave the PC alone because I have two PC’s.
What deep scan where you running. Sounds like some sort of data recovery, Running data recovery and virtual kiosk at the same time can have unknown results because Data recovery programs directly access the disk and are not meant to be run with other programs while they are running. If you could have brought up task manager at the blank screen with a ctrl alt delete you could have run explorer.exe and maybe got back to a screen to see what was going on. Sorry this happened. But it’s just general practice you don’t run virtual environments and applications while you are recovering data.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the task manager to open either.

The strange thing is when I finally clicked “log off” my session appeared again but it had already closed most programs running before I could cancel it.