After CIS install it wants to start installing other software...

After years and years as a happy AVG user I jumped ship when AVG forced the pig of V8 down our throats.

Looking to stay with a lean means AV program I’m giving Comodo CIS a try. Installed last night on my Windows XP Pro SP2 machine and all went smoothly until I restarted the computer.

After Comodo was installed the computer wants to “install” a Stompsoft Backup My PC software that is already installed on the machine. The windows installer runs just as if I wanted to install the software from a CD.

This happens every time I restart the PC since Comodo was installed.

I’d appreciate any help or I’ll have to move on to something else.

Hi ex avg user, welcome to the forums.

CIS uses Window Installer. It is Windows Installer that is generating this message. Whilst CIS caused Windows Installer to notice the situation with Stompsoft Backup My PC, CIS is unlikely to be the actual cause. Installing any other Windows Installer based installation would have probably provoked the same response. It is likely that the installation for Stompsoft Backup is broken, often these situations are caused by Registry Cleaners and such, that have removed registry entries/folders important to Windows Installer or Stompsoft Backup. The quickest way to resolve the issue with Stompsoft Backup is to either re-install it or repair the installation (if it has that option).

Forgive me for not being clear… Stompsoft had been installed and runnibg fine for a couple years.

This “phantom” install request at startup has only happened since last night when CIS was installed.
The only rhing that was changed was the installation of CIS so IMO it gets the blame… well along with blaming Windows.

Sorry, I understood exactly what you meant & I have seen this many times before, and not just with CIS. Stompsoft Backup may well work just fine, as it doesn’t depend on Windows Installer for running. The damage to Stompsoft Backup’s Windows Installer installation probably happened some time before you installed CIS. If you have Windows Restore points, you can rollback to before CIS & test this with any other Windows Installer based installation. However, the resolution remains the same: Re-install or Repair Stompsoft Backup’s Windows Installer installation.

I hope that helps.

Sorry, but I do understand…

I have a PC that runs flawlessly.
I install CIS and it breaks a piece of software that has never has a hint of trouble.
The resolution is to move to another piece if software that works and plays well with other software.

Thanks for your replies.

As I said, CIS use of Windows Installer was what detected the broken installation of another application. CIS had nothing to do with this, Windows Installer did & is continuing to do what you are seeing. It would have happened if you had installed anything that used Windows Installer. If you don’t believe me, test it yourself as I previously indicated.

Erm… since you understood me previously, I’m not sure where this came from. I certainly didn’t say that. But, if that’s what you want to believe, fair enough. If you want me to delete my posts in order you can take this up with someone else fresh, then I will comply without question or comment.

You could try to download Windows Installer Cleanup from Microsoft and clean the package from Stompsoft. Probably you need to install the backup software again.

Kail, you are not misunderstood… you are grumpy. There was no “broken installation of another application” to detect. Everything was working perfectly and software had been installed using the windows installer long after Stompsoft was installed and everything works fine.

I did run a test… I uninstalled CIS and everything is back to the way it was… working.

I installed Avast and everything is fine.

maniac2003, thanks for the helpful suggestion but was not necessary. No CIS and no problem.

Ok that is also a solution.

It is known that some apps in conjuction with the Microsoft installer can deliver some problem. Most of the time it is enough to delete some of the false installer info with the tool I described above.

kail are you sure CIS uses Windows Installer (WI)? I’ve installed CIS many times with the DCOM service disabled (which, to the best of my knowledge, eliminates possibility for WI to work - although some people say otherwise). Also, unlike applications that really do use WI, there are no .msi files on the disk related to CIS.

Fair enough and your input is appreciated.

Here’s another point of view… Occam’s razor, the simplest explanation for a phenomenon is most likely the correct explanation.