After CCleaner update Temp internet files folder move to.

Hi. I recently updated CCleaner to v3.0.1.1327 and I’ve noticed my Temp internet files folder has been moved from my default location in user profile to the Temp folder in user profile. I think Ccleaner moved it and maybe for better cleaning capabilities, but I just find it being a little intrusive if it is moving folders without your knowledge or consent. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks in advance and Kind regards.

Hi captainsticks ,

Nothing like that happened here for any browsers in use

I’m using CCleaner for ages on a regular daily basis (sometimes few times per day since many installations/re-installations / updates when testing numerous Software)

As for IE (the latest) - I’m using it only and exclusively for some testings, but never as my working browser
The Temporary File location of IE was changed by me - deliberately moved to the separate partition on a different physical drive from day one (I don’t like writing rubbish to the system drive :))

The thing remains where it should be after the latest CCleaner update
Tested: full version/ slim / & portable

My regards

Thanks SiberLynx. I don’t use Ie much either, But my Temp internet files were always in my user profile folder then I noticed they were in my user profile Temp folder. So I moved them back to my user profile folder via internet options and they seem to stay there until I use CCleaner again, then they move into the Temp folder again. I have never noticed this before and have been using Ccleaner fairy regular for quite a while now. It just has me puzzled thats all and I will keep fiddling and see what happens.
Just found I’m not alone Temporary Internet Files - CCleaner Bug Reporting - CCleaner Community Forums

Such a behaviour occurs when TIF is set to the “read only” attribute.

I don’t use CCleaner, and i don’t know if it could have some responsability in this modification.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the reply, captainsticks
Well, correct coice re: not using IE and most importantly - interesting link indeed.
That request was not answered yet & I’ll keep an eye on that
… but as I said I do not have it there (yet? :smiley: )
Then, I forgot to mention that XP 32bit and Win 7 x64 were tested… let’s see…

We all do like abbreviations, but I hope that “TIF” is not the graphics format … hehe! :wink:
Can you clarify that, please

At the moment I do have doubts as well re: CCleaner being responsible
How about recent MS patches ??? (cumulative update for IE)
Those updates can do real harm as we know…


Sorry, TIF stands not for TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) but for Temporary Internet Files.

Using only Firefox (but IE being buit-in in XP) i observed that these files were written even if IE is denied by the firewall: the explanation is that local browsing does write to these files.

I tried to block this behavior, but with no success, by giving them the read-only attribute, the result being the bug you are relating, the same junk files being written to the new location.

The same behavior occurs if you set Windows Temp folder to read only.

Hi again, against MS wishes I don’t allow them at all, I know this may sound silly but I think MS patches are over rated and I never install them. Still at this stage the folders will only move back to the Temp folder if I run CCleaner with IE ticked. If I clear IE via internet options they stay in default location, or if CCleaner skips IE they stay in default location. Thanks Guys.